Fun Family Fitness

It’s very important that we nurture our mental and physical health during this time of stress. This is why we are starting the LG SOARS STRONG! Each week we will share a new resource from exercises to do as a family or ways to practice mindfulness.

Our first LG SOARS STRONG Challenge is Fun Family Fitness.  Our first challenge is a physical activity challenge because physical activities and exercise are important for two reasons.  First, research shows that exercise can support our immune system and second, exercise can boost our mental health.

Fun Family Fitness is a 30 minute activity that focuses on 10 exercises that can be easily completed in your home, all you need is a clock or timer! See below for the exercise explanations, then schedule a time for you and your family to complete this together and tag us on instagram or facebook!

On three: 1, 2, 3 Team Live Grit!



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