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Living With Grit

Grit /'grit/ (noun): Courage and resolve; strength of character; firmness of mind or spirit.

Grit is the foundation of our physical and mental strength. It is the passion and perseverance to do hard things.

Last week in our first session of Virtual programming with Coach Gillian's new series - Live With Grit, she taught Live Grit SOARS athletes what grit is, the 3 P's of Grit and how to use it in everyday life.

At the heart of Live Grit SOARS programming, we use physical skills to teach our young people to learn and test their grit. This gives our athletes a frame work to use in other aspects of their lives, like school, relationships, work, and play.

The 3 P's of Grit

Preparation: getting mentally and physically ready to face the task at hand and the goal you have set.

Practice: Learn the steps you need to take to achieve your goal or task and make a habit of weekly and daily tasks you can accomplish.

Performance: Executing your goal.

Watch coach Gillian in to learn how to use the 3 P's of Grit and challenge yourself to use them this week during a task or situation that is difficult.

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