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Live Grit is more than a triathlon program, it is a community.

All of us are dealing with change in these uncertain times, but our youngest Live Grit SOARS teammates and their families are feeling the economic impact of this crisis sooner than most.  Many of our athletes’ families work in industries severely affected by the Coronavirus, such as food and other service industries.  Our partners at Northwestern Settlement in West Town told us their food pantry served over 150 neighbors in a three hour period Tuesday - triple the number they normally serve in a day. Many of our athletes and their families will need their support.


While Live Grit SOARS in-person programming is suspended, we want to continue to offer our athletes healthy activities that are core to our mission and also ensure that they and their families have their basic needs of food, shelter, and hygiene met.  Your donation will help us offer Live Grit SOARS athletes support in 3 areas:

1.  Physical Activity

Coach Laura has designed exercise programs that kids and parents can do at home. She will launch new programming (running, yoga, mindfulness, etc) each week to keep things fresh as the need for social distancing continues.

2.  Nourishment

We will direct our families to Northwestern Settlement in West Town and Breakthrough Urban Ministries in East Garfield Park for free groceries and personal items.  Both operate well-managed pantries/markets in their neighborhoods.

3.  Other Essentials

Live Grit SOARS Families have the option to request Walgreens or Com Ed gift cards (lessening cash expenses that may allow them to pay rent).


All funds raised will be allocated to Northwestern Settlement, Breakthrough, enrichment tools, and easing the economic stress on our families.  No dollar amount is too small, and all donations will bring you good karma toward a PR in your next race.*

Thanks for your support.  Stay well.

*not a guarantee

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